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Horseback Riding In Dahlonega
11.28.18 03:12 PM

Easter carriage rides in Dahlonega
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Dinner Wagon Ride
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Dinner Wagon Ride
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Gold City Corral is giving Carriage rides on the Square of Dahlonega through the holidays.

01.11.19 04:57 PM


Image result for christmas carriage ride in dahlonegaAvailable Thursdays and Fridays  4pm to 8pm (often later)

Saturdays 1pm to 8pm (often later)

Weather permitting, See back for daily updates through the holidays.

Cost  $5 Per Child (11&under $10 Per Adult

First Come First Serve, Sorry can not guarantee private rides at the square.

1/11/19 - Due to the rain this weekend we will not be able to run the carriage in town this weekend. We will see about next weekend. Continue to monitor this site for updates. 

1/04/19 - Happy New Year to everyone. I will be in town with one carriage tonight and all weekend. Should be up and running by 5PM today and by 3PM tomorrow and Sunday. Possibly earlier. 

12/28/18 - Dont let the weather fool you. The carriage will be up and running in town about 3PM today with a 2nd one about 5PM. Tomorrow the carriage should be up and running by 2PM with a second carriage running by 4PM. 

12/27/18 - Due to the weather the carriage will not be in town today. Will continue to monitor the rain in hopes to run tomorrow. 

12/26/18 - we will have 2 carriages running today in Dahlonega. Should be up and running by 3pm until late into tonight. 8pm or later. 

12/24/18 - Merry Christmas Eve . Today is a cold start but going to be a beautil sunny day. We will have 2 carriages running today starting at 2 till 8pm. Bring the whole family for a Christmas Eve ride.

12/22/18 - Beautiful sunshine today. The carriage will be in town today. Should be up and running by 3PM or earlier. 

12/21/18 - With the winds, cold and rain we will not have the carriages running tonight. Planning on being town by 3pm tomorrow and a 2nd carriage running by 6. 

12/19/2018 - King and PenDragon are ready to go to Dahlonega. I will be up and running by 4 today. Possibly earlier. Thurs will be raining so the carriage will not be running. At this time I am planning Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. 2 Carriages on Friday and Saturday night. Have a terrific day.

12/17/18 - Good monday afternoon. It is beautiful today in the North Ga mountains. Bo is getting a new slipper on today and will be ready to spend the evening going around the square with his brother Luke. The plan is to have the carriage up and running about 4PM today. Monday through Wed looks good at this time for the carriage running in town. Also it looks like we will be able to be running strong this weekend up through Christmas Eve. I will be shutting down at 8PM sharp Christmas Eve so I can get the boys up and get home to my family. 

Check back often for further updates. 


12/16/18 - The carriage will not be running in Dahlonegs today. I will have it back in town tomorrow, Monday 12/17/18. Currently the plan is to run all week. Please look back for daily updates.

12/15/18 - It looks like things will clear up later today. At this time i will have the carriage running tonight with a good possibility of a second carriage later this evening. Planning on having the carriage running about 3pm.

12/13/18 - Bo and Luke are getting their shoes tightened up for tonight for their trip to south ga tomorrow. I will be in tonight as close to 4pm as possible. 

With the rain tomorrow the carriage will not be in tomorrow at this time. Saturday is still a possibility if the rain moves out during the day. Check back of ten for any changes and updates. 

12/11/2018- See below for current schedule due to the rain coming again Friday and Saturday. 


Mon - 12/10 - Will not be in town. Rainded out. 

Tues - 12/11 - 3PM - 8PM

Wed - 12/12 - ** Will be in town 3PM - 8PM

Thurs - 12/13 * 3PM - 8PM 

Fri - 12/14 * 2PM - 8PM - Depending on Weather.

Sat - 12/15 * 1PM - 8PM - Depend on Weather


Good monday morning. The snow covered mountains were absolutly beautiful. The plan for this week is as follows. Times are Weather pending and close times will continue later if there are people waiting to ride. Check back often for daily updates.   

Mon - 12/10 - Will not be in town.

Tues - 12/11 - 3PM - 8PM

Wed - 12/12 - Will not be in town. 

Thurs - 12/13 * 3PM - 8PM 

Fri - 12/14 * 2PM - 8PM

Sat - 12/15 * 1PM - 8PM



Im watching the weather closely. At this time i am planning on being on town with the carriage. Plan is to be in about 5pm. Look back often for anymore updates. .. 

12/07/2018 ** update**

It looks like they changed the evening weather outlook. I'm getting the horses ready and refilling the gas for the heater. I am hoping to be up and running with the carriage about 4:00 today. Bundle up tonight. Please remember. If it is raining do not come around the horses with umbrellas. They are scared of them. .. 


Happy rainy Friday to everyone. It appears the rain came in earlier than anticipated. Because of the weather the carriage will not be running today, tomorrow and Sunday if the rain holds in that long. Check back for any updates.


Good Thursday morning to everyone. Starting this morning sunny and cold. What better way to spend a thursday afternoon or evening than to spend your time in Dahlonega. Shoppping, relaxing and riding the carriage around our beautiful town. I am getting blankets ready now to be in town running as early as possible. I expect to be in town between 1 and 2 pm. Come early to beat the crowd. 

At this time Saturday and Sunday look like it will be a wash out. The carriage will be running today and tomorrow but due to the rain there is no plans to run Saturday and Sunday. 



Beautiful sunny day in the North Ga mountains. What a great day for a carriage ride around the beautiful Dahlonega square. I am getting the horses washed up now. Planning on being in about 2PM today until there are no more riders waiting. 



Due to the rain the carriage will not be in today. The plan at this time is to be running by 2PM tomorrow (Sunday - 12/02).  

At this time the carriage is not scheduled for 12/03 through 12/05. 

Check back tomorrow for updates.


11/30/2018 *Update*

If you dont like the weather in GA, just wait an hour.. It seems that the rain may hold off a bit so we are getting the horses ready for town. I hope to be in to do rides around the square by 5PM to run until the rain starts.. 


Due to the rain today (Friday) and tomorrow (Sat) the carriage will not be in town for rides. Check back with us tomorrow for further updates about Sunday 11/2. 


11/29/2018 Update

** Update**

Yes I am coming into town. I am hoping that the rain will hold off until later this evening. 

It may be about 5PM tonight before i get there.. I will be there until 8PM or until it starts raining. If there are people waiting at 8PM I will stay until all have riden or rain. Friday and Saturday are not looking good due to the weather. I will continue to update this daily. 


The carriage will be on the square today from 4PM to 8PM. Please check back tomorrow for another update. The weather is looking rainy Friday, Sat and Sunday. This site will be updated daily with the availability. 


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